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Price per bottle $69.95

Case of 6 x 700mL

Pisco WAQAR is the result of a careful process in which innovation and tradition are combined. Its quality lies in an artisan distillation culture that the Camposano family has handed down from father to son for over five generations. The wine, especially elaborated for this pisco, derives from the hand-picked harvesting of Pink Muscat and Muscat of Alexandria grapes that grow in the surroundings of the distillery, located in the little village of Tulahuén, at the foot of the Andes. After a careful vinification, the premium wine obtained is distilled only once in pot stills, and blended with the fresh mountains’ waters that irrigate the Tulahuén terroir. Our Master Distiller – Jaime Camposano – heats the stills with wood fire and cuts by sensory parameters only in small batches, to have more control over the final product. In this way, a very limpid, aromatic and natural brandy is obtained, that offers all the terroir expression from the lands and clean skies of the Limarí valley.


  • Pisco Waqar is a bright and clean brandy. Its nose is dominated by notes of white flowers, stone fruit, water pear and strawberry, which come across with purity and elegance. In the mouth, it’s smooth and has a good structure, with spicy notes that provide more complexity and a long, delicate finish. These organoleptic qualities stand out among other piscos and are the result of a careful production process oriented to keep the qualities of our muscat grapes, making of Waqar an outstanding expression of its terroir.Pisco can be enjoyed in cocktails, served straight and cold, without ice or water. It’s perfect for fish based preparations with exotic spices, such as grouper medallions with pink pepper, cebiches with tropical fruits, fresh cheese or desserts with intense fruits such as mango or guayaba.

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