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40% Alc./Vol.  700mL

LCBO #498048

Grappa CAMPI DEL SOLE Distilleria Pilzer LCBO #498048

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  • Pilzer grappas and distillates are the result of rigorously controlled alembic batch distillation that, together with the purity of the Val di Cembra spring water, makes them truly unique. Campi del Sole grappa is a multi-blend varieties mainly from and old vine of Schiava, a little of Chardonnay, and a touch of Muller Thurgau and Pinot Noir. Bottled after at least one year resting in stainless steel vats.The result is a Grappa with a full taste that expresses the character of the land. Classic, modern and not aggressive but still with a good character. Very complex and delicate scent with a very pleasant taste and persistent aftertaste.




    Tasting Note
    Slow distillation of fresh pomace from Trentino leads to the distinct flavours and aromas in this grappa. Colourless and clear with delicate floral perfume. The palate is warm with notes of underripe stonefruit and light herbaceous character. 

    Serving Suggestion
    Correct your espresso with a shot of this grappa.

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