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Bottle price 32.20


Variety: 90% Turbiana + 10% other white grapes coltivated in Lugana wine region

Alc./Vol. 13.5%


Morainic hills of Lake Garda; enjoy an ideal exposure and constant ventilation that allows for perfect ripeness.

2017 Lugana DOC "Il Rivale" 90+10 PRATELLO

  • This wine accompanies a wide gastronomic ranger, with a predilection for both dishes based on fish of the sea and lake, and pasta and rice dishes as well as second courses always of fish, grilled, in casseroles, baked, Mediterranean fried, gratins, soups in various ways, and according to local tradition.

    COLOUR: The colour of Lugana 90+10, they go from amber and light green shades with an intact, structured, dense and compact weave.

    NOSE: The nose offers floreal sensation of white rose, frouty and spicy, primarly juniperberries. The intensity of the perfumes derives from the perfect ripering of the grapes in the vineyard.

    PALATE: On the palet it is a silky soft and elegant wine with a maximum balance between flavour and acidity. They dominate the taste of peach melba, golden apple and pear Williams.

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