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Case price $387.00

Bottle price $32.25


Variety: Rebo 100% Hand-picked grapes

Alc./Vol. 13.5%


It is cultivated in a very sunny and constantly windy dell, all elements that guarantee a good health of the vine and a ripening without mildews.


  • As per accompaniment, this wine is suitable and can be drunk with many different types of food, according to different tastes, occasions and the resources of the moment: salami and cold pork meat, fish soup, pasta with tomato, meat or game sauce; red meat, barbecued or fried veal meat, cus-cus, braised meat or lamb chops, red wine dormice or mixed-fry from Piemonte. However, dainty or nourishing dishes according to our tastes and our money disposal. It is excellent when drunk either before or after meals.

    COLOUR: Intense, almost haematic, ruby-red wine, which is characterised by density and firmness and its shades verge towards the ones of the black, and from time to time purple, skin of aubergines. It is clean and full-bodied, showing its essences through a curdled and thick glyceric mass which drips from the glass.

    NOSE: As for the smell, it seems like being surrounded by floral scents such as the cyclamen, the violets and the elder, followed by sensations that recall grapes, currant, blackberries and plum jam. Everything is clean and whole and no improper smells invade the oral cavity which finally savours a smoke-grey vignola cherry scent as an aftertaste too.

    PALATE: The taste in the mouth is a "sheer bliss" recalling cherries, blackberries, currants even though the morainic strawberry stands out among them for its final silky softness taste. It has a strong balance (sweet, salty, bitter and sour) as well as its fruit wholeness that does not show any mouth-nose sensation that might be unrelated to grapes. It is amazing to notice that after fifteen months into the French oak (barriques), the wood scent could be only slightly perceived.

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